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Don’t let a damaged engine stop you from enjoying your weekend or getting to work on time. Whether you need your motor repaired or would like the entire unit replaced, Custom Motor Rebuilders is Tulsa Complete Machine Shop we are here to help you.

Below is the list of services that are currently available. All of our products are priced at affordable levels to match the care you require. We will work with you and your budget to have your vehicle in working order once more.

  • Complete Machine Shop
  • Full Line Of Engine Parts
  • Foreign
  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Aftermarket Parts
  • Carry-Out Engines (short blocks and long blocks)
  • Rebuild Services
  • Used Parts
  • Engine Installation

Benefits and Offers

  • 12-month unlimited mile warranty on installed motors
  • 12-month/12k-mile warranty on long block engines (no labor allowance)
  • 90-day/4k-mile warranty on short block engines
  • Free towing on light duty vehicles
  • Free towing within a 35-mile radius

Don’t throw your vehicle away. For the best in motor repair and rebuilding services, contact or visit Custom Motor Rebuilders today. Through three generations of skilled technicians, we have provided our customers with the information and the satisfaction of seeing results. We will get you back on the move.

Tulsa Complete Machine Shop

Custom Engine Parts

Look no further for custom engine parts than Custom Motor Rebuilders. As vehicles age, parts can be less available on the market. Even your local parts store won’t be able to get them without ordering an off brand from somewhere. 

We provide you the ability to shop local and support local businesses by having cistom engine parts made in house. Our machine shop can make all those hard to find parts for your car right here in Tulsa. No over seas shipping, no waiting for a third party company to offer it. Custom Motor Rebuilders will make the part you need at the same place you are getting the work done. 

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Custom Motor Rebuilders
Custom Motor Rebuilders
Custom Motor Rebuilders
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