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My car broke down about 100ft from Encina’s Car shop, I took to them, this being a 2000 Jeep Wrangler, they told me 9000$ for a new engine it needed, THEN, kind as they are, Offered to buy my Jeep on the Spot for 700$ How kind. The day before, KBB says it’s worth 7grand. Anyway, Custom Motor Rebuilders came and Towed the Jeep for Free to their shop, replaced the Radiatored, machined the engine block head, new valve cover, water pump, plugs, the works. Fixed everything for a price that make me wonder how they make any money.. Just 1058$ … I worked w/ Jerry on the phone and he was the nicest associate that kept me updated on its progress everytime i called. I recommend this place to EVERYONE that lives in Tulsa, and needs engine work. I also recommend NOONE ever go to Encina’s for Anything.

Christian Postier

I took my ford lightning to custom motor rebuilders, I spun rod bearings I told derick that my lightning was my baby and please do your best job. Three days went by derick called me and ask me to come down and look at the damage, which I ask him I wanted to see what was wrong with it. Derick explane to me and showed me what was wrong with the motor. Four days later derick called me and told me it was ready, I waited a couple months before I gave my review, I’m completely satisfied with the job custom motors done I will give them a FIVE STAR RATING. Thank you derick and the rest of the team for your expertise. I will recommend custom motors rebuilders to all my friends and family, thank you for the good job you and your staff did.

Terry wilson

Great customer service very affordable and dependable and very knowledgeable they do great work and if you need to order parts there cheaper and get them a lot faster then any parts store engine internal anyway not sure on anything else would recommend to anyone.
Chad Beall

I had them rebuild the head for my wife’s car, they did a excellent job, we’re fast and knowledgeable. Thank you I won’t go anywhere else.
Jared Black

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